Planned your product mix. This is a list of all learning content products you will need to produce both for sales and for marketing purposes. Obviously a podcast would be identified as one of those learning content products.

Cities are so stupid to build a big facility and make the public pay and then allow the public to make laws, which make it impossible for it to turn a profit. Why? Bad business management decision-making; It shows how a small few can ruin everything. But in the case of Orlando, Vegas or Nashville TN which are all national and international tourist destinations, you are cutting off the hand that is feeding you. People blame 9-11 for this latest down turn in the tourism business; I blame stupid short sided people who have no clue as to where the money comes from. A city that prevents overnight parking of high-end motor homes during large events is self destructive; they should therefore not be bailed out by government or tax dollars. Putting good money on top of bad management is as bad as Enron.

Bukisa: Another site with a lot of potential. It pays your writing via Google AdSense. You will need to know a bit about SEO and keywords to make a go of the writing business with Bukisa. The bonus is that you write short articles.

I want to sound a note of warning too. Entrepreneurship is not a plan B. It is not an alternative for those who couldn’t get white-collar jobs. Thank God for mouth-watering salaries; but entrepreneurship is not a choice you make because you could not secure employment at Shell or MTN! A prospective student, who makes a federal-owned Nigerian university his /her second choice of institution at the time of filling the forms, has already decided his/her fate!

Now it seems that the powers that be want to justify spending even more money on budgetary items that our nation simply can’t afford. Who is at the helm here and what are they “really” doing?

Before you start running a bed and breakfast write a business plan that outlines your duties and things that need to be covered like budgeting, management, marketing, and construction. A business plan should contain everything that you will need to do and buy. Making a business plan is also beneficial if you need to borrow money from a bank or investors for capitalization.

business plan Affiliate marketing programs have been around for a short time but do have the promise of making people money at home and on their own time. But, while there are Pros to this type of system, there are always Cons. It is important to weigh both out before diving in. Here is a brief review.

business management If you operate an online business, get a post office box for your business “snail mail.” Posting your home address on the Internet isn’t always a good idea, but using a P.O. box can help protect your home and privacy. It can also help your business to appear more professional.

Risk versus reward. This is an important consideration to be sure. At the heart of a business is the principal that reward needs to outweigh risk. People who do not have a lot of money to invest in a business start-up might feel left out. Others with the cash required might hesitate to invest in the unknown where there are no guarantees. Solution: start a business that requires very little up front investment but offers plenty of opportunity for income. Especially valuable is the chance to earn residual income so that tending to the necessary knitting is not a 24/7 imperative. This exists and you can find it.